Presentation at CLG LIS event


SASPAC presented its latest development at the CLG’s Local Information Systems event yesterday. The presentation was jointly delivered with colleagues from the ONS NeSS Data Exchange (NDE) and demonstrated SASPAC’s  integrated NeSS application. For more details, slides and a video of the presentation visit the CLG’s ESD website or contact the helpdesk.

ONS Publish 2011 Output Strategy


This document sets out the ONS Strategy for the dissemination of outputs from the 2011 Census. A separate consultation, currently underway, will define the content of the output dissemination systems. The ONS vision is to use the Web as the primary dissemination route:

Users would access the data via an appropriate frontend web interface, which may be the ONS web frontend providing basic data explorer functionality or a more specialist frontend created by external partners such as SASPAC, which provides more advanced functionality for a particular user group”. (para.2, page 7).

SASPAC is already involved in helping ONS develop these systems and are looking forward to helping ONS achieve their key milestones (pages 9 to 11) over the coming year.