Census Workshop Q&As


ONS have just published the Questions and Answers from the 2011 Census data distribution workshops held in London and Manchester back in May. Some key points to note are:

  • a Census Bulk Data Working Group will be established (contact census.outputs@ons.gov.uk to register your interest);
  • all published ONS data (including commissioned outputs) and associated supporting information will be available via the API;
  • the three census offices are proposing a single UK database is produced to deliver outputs for UK geographies

SASPAC v9.30 – GSS update


SASPAC v9.30 is now available to subscribers and integrates the Government Statistical Service (GSS) Coding and Naming Policy,¬†implemented on 1st January 2011. The new coding policy creates a nine character alpha-numeric coding structure (e.g. E1000012) that includes a country identifier (e.g. “E” for England), area entity (e.g. “10” for counties) and an instance (e.g. “12” for Essex). More…