Rural & Urban Area Classifications


Those users that accessed the 2001 Census data produced for urban and rural areas may be interested in an ONS survey looking at the proposed options for classifying these areas following the 2011 Census. More details on the project can be found here, along with a Google map showing the current boundaries. The consultation is open until 25 November 2011 and is being run by a project team that includes: Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs; Office for National Statistics; Department for Communities and Local Government; and Welsh Government.

Operations to Outputs Roadshow slides


ONS have added the slides (under ‘downloads’) from the September 2011 Operations to Outputs roadshow events. The events provided a very useful overview of the Census process for both new and experienced users. For those who couldn’t make it the agenda covered:

  • Address registerOperations to outputs roadshow image
  • Engagement & Comms
  • Field Operations
  • Data Proccessing
  • Estimating the Population
  • Census Outputs

2011 ‘Univariate’ & ‘Key Statistics’ Tables


2011 Census ‘Univariate’ and ‘Key Statistics’ tables (these names refer to 2001 conventions and will change for 2011 outputs) have been made available on the ONS website (under ‘downloads’). These include Excel table layouts for the proposed Key Statistics (24) and Univariate tables (64). A direct link to the downloadable zip file is here.

A 2021 Census?


An ONS news release today marks the beginning of a two year consultation exercise into suitable replacements for the Census. The ‘Beyond 2011‘ programme will examine options for producing detailed information about small areas and neighbourhoods that have traditionally been outputs from the census. The first stage, begins today, is a public consultation aimed at understanding user requirements for statistical data in the future.

Consultation documents can be found here (although the document was not available at the time of writing) and the programme team can be contacted by email. Users interested in this work may wish to attend an RSS ‘Looking Beyond 2011’ event being held on 21/10/11.

Revised new 2011 Census tables


ONS have produced a revised set of the new tables for the 2011 Census (zip file available under the ‘Downloads’ section). These layouts are available as Excel files with metadata/footnotes and currently respond to the 2001 naming convention – a new naming/numbering system is under development for all 2011 outputs. ONS stress that further revisions may still take place and users can contact them with any issues.