2011 Census ‘Standard Tables’


Mock table layouts for the 2011 Census Standard Table outputs have been published by ONS. These represent the detailed cross tabulations from the Census and will be available for ward/SOA geography and larger areas. 126 table layouts are available in an Excel format but these do not include proposed new tables or the Standard Theme Tables ONS also plan to produce.  A direct link to the downloadable zip file on the ONS website is here.

ONS 2011 Census workshop materials


ONS have published the materials and Q&As from the Oct/Nov workshops relating to the specialist 2011 Census outputs. Some of this are available from the ONS website but you may also download these as zip files below.

Small population outputs (24/10/11)

Analytic products (25/10/11)

Origin & Destination products (26/10/11)

Microdata products (11/11/11)

NRS Census update


Highlights from the NRS (National Records of Scotland) Census update  provided to the Population and Migration Statistics Committee (PAMS) in Scotland are below. One significant announcement from the report was that Scotland do not now expect to release the first Census outputs (age, sex by Local Authorities) until autumn 2012. Originally this data was going to be available in July – as far as we are aware  ONS and NISRA still plan to publish in July.

Other issues where:

– Census Questionnaire processing will be completed by the end of November (2011)

–  downstream processing systems are faces challenges due to loss of key staff and IT issues; these are likely to delay the first Census results to the autumn of 2012

– any revisions to the proposed census tables should be submitted by the end of December

– a prototype dissemination system – successor to SCROL – will be released in early 2012

2011 Workplace Zone Geography


For the 2011 Census outputs ONS are proposing a new geography of workplace zones (WPZ) for the publication of workplace statistics. In 2001 the Output Area (OA) hierarchy (produced on a household/residential population threshold) was used but this caused problems in areas with very few or large numbers of workers; the resulting workplace populations varied between 0 and 80,000.  The production of WPZ hierarchy propose to improve the outputs available by merging and splitting 2011 OAs so they contain a minimum workforce of 100 person. Other features are:

  • coverage will be across England & Wales (no plans curently for Northern Ireland or Scotland to introduce WPZ)
  • WPZ will not cross Middle Layer Super Output Areas (MSOAs)
  • workforce population will exceed the workforce of any single large workplace (625 workers or more)  by adding at least 99 other workers
  • headcount and headcount flows (area of residence to workplace) will be available for OA/WPZ geographies

More details on the ONS proposals can be found in a recent ONS paper and ongoing consultation on the 2011 outputs produced can be found on the ONS website.



2011 ‘Census Area Statistics’ & ‘Theme’ Tables


The 2011 ‘Census Area Statistics’ and ‘Theme’ table (these names refer to 2001 conventions and will change for 2011) mock layouts have been made available on the ONS website (under ‘downloads’). These contain the detailed cross tabulations that will be available for the 2011 Census Output Area geographical hierarchy. Excel table layouts for the 78 Census Area and 9 Theme tables are provided but the 34 proposed new tables have not been included. A direct link to the downloadable zip file is here.