NRS Census update


Highlights from the NRS (National Records of Scotland) Census update  provided to the Population and Migration Statistics Committee (PAMS) in Scotland are below. One significant announcement from the report was that Scotland do not now expect to release the first Census outputs (age, sex by Local Authorities) until autumn 2012. Originally this data was going to be available in July – as far as we are aware  ONS and NISRA still plan to publish in July.

Other issues where:

– Census Questionnaire processing will be completed by the end of November (2011)

–  downstream processing systems are faces challenges due to loss of key staff and IT issues; these are likely to delay the first Census results to the autumn of 2012

– any revisions to the proposed census tables should be submitted by the end of December

– a prototype dissemination system – successor to SCROL – will be released in early 2012