ONS 2011 Census Evaluation

ONS have just published two reports as part of the 2011 Census evaluation programme:

1. A summary report (.pdf) on the take-up of online questionnaire completions and response rates (.xls) for regions, local authorities, wards and Lower Super Output Areas (SOAs). Some highlights:

  • overall, 16% completed Census questionnaires online in England & WalesProportion of Census returns completed online in England & Wales (produced by ONS: Census Update, 'Providing an online Census', Feb'12)
  • 30% of respondents aged 26-35 choose to complete the questionnaire online instead of paper, whilst less than 10% aged over 65 did
  • the Borough of Tower Hamlets in London had the highest online response rate at 29%, whilst Blaenau Gwent in Wales had the lowest at 10%
  • Lower SOAs (34,378 in E&W) online response rates varied from 69% to 5% and ward (8,483 in E&W) response rates varied from 43% to 6%

More information is available from the ONS website.

2. A second report relates to the written translation support services available during the 2011 Census campaign. Fifty-six languages were supported by this service and the evidence used to estimate this need is presented. Again, further information is available from the ONS website.

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