ONS Census Advisory Group

ONS held a combined 2011 Census Advisory Group Meeting on 27/3/12 – the group provides a formal forum for discussion on a wide range of 2011 Census issues and includes representatives from central/local government, health, academia, private sector and the third sector. A number of papers/presentations were provided and can be found below.

Some brief highlights:

  • Census response rates were 94% overall; and at least 80% for every local authority (E&W)
  • ONS are on schedule for first outputs in July; these will be population estimates and will include supporting information relating to comparator data sources (school census, patient register, child benefit data) [An output timetable is expected to be published by the end of this week]
  • a series of tutorials to help users’ understand how the Census estimates were constructed are planned for June
  • almost 200 completed prosecutions for non completion of questionnaires

AG(12) 01 2011 Census Highlight Report (pdf)

AG(12) 02 2011 Census outputs updates (pdf)

AG(12) 04 Dissemination – Future Channels Tools (pdf)

AG(12) 06 Future plans for Stakeholder Engagement, Media and Communications (pdf)

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