2011 Census Output Prospectus

Today ONS released the 2011 Census Prospectus which sets out the release plans for the 2011 Census statistics. Although ONS are responsible for disseminating UK Census statistics, both Scotland and Northern Ireland will be releasing their own prospectuses in April. The prospectus has been produced as a series of separate web pages and two other key documents:

1) Prospectus table and schedule (.xls) – contains a summary of what tables will be released and when

2) Changes to tables since the 2011 output consultation (.xls) – describes the changes to table layouts and their geographical level of availability since the last consultation exercise

In summary, there will be 4 releases of data between July 2012 and October 2013, these will be followed by subsequent releases relating to migration, workplace, flow data, small population groups, alternative population bases and microdata.

Release Date Description Geography
First release July 2012 Age and sex, and occupied households estimates for England and for Wales* Unitary/local authority, region, country
Second release Nov’ 12 to Feb’13 Key Statistics & Quick Statistics (equivalent to 2001 Key Stats and Univariate stats) Unitary/local authority, region, country, OA, L/MSOA,remaining geographies (health, parish…etc)
Third release Mar’ 13 to June’13 Local Characteristics (equivalent to 2001 Census Area Stats) Unitary/local authority, region, country, OA, L/MSOA, Ward, remaining geographies (health, parish…etc)
Fourth release July’13 to Oct’13 Detailed Characteristics (equivalent to 2001 Standard Tables), Detailed Theme (2001 CAS Theme and Standard Theme) and Armed Forces tables Unitary/local authority, region, country, MSOA, Ward, national park

*UK country level population estimates will be available for five-year age bands but more detailed single year of age estimates will be available for England & Wales. UPDATE 4/4/12: UK population estimates will not be available in July 2012 but will follow in late 2012 following the release of Scottish estimates.

For the 2nd and 3rd releases there will be 3 release phases relating to different geographical levels:

  • 1st phase: OAs, LSOAs, MSOAs, UA/LAs, regions and countries
  • 2nd phase: 2011 Wards
  • 3rd phase: parishes/communities, parliamentary constituencies, health areas, postcodes, national parks

The prospectus is described as dynamic with more information being added as it becomes available, interested parties are invited to register to receive prospectus alerts.

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