SASPAC comments on the ONS Output Prospectus

In response to the Output Prospectus published by ONS at the end of March, SASPAC and the Greater London Authority have jointly raised a number of comments and concerns with the Census team. This covers a range of issues relating to expected metadata, cell referencing, disclosure control and geographic information. A PDF of the response is available here and we’ll post any feedback we receive on this site.

2 Responses to SASPAC comments on the ONS Output Prospectus

  1. David Walker says:

    Success on your first request: ONS has produced a version of the 2011 Census output prospectus in PDF format date stamped 8 May 2012.

    Some (mainly trivial) queries follow on that PDF – I guess you will want to collate a few comments before approaching ONS.

    p30 “local authority boundaries, including those that changed between 2003 and 2001”, is this a typo meaning “2003 and 2011”?

    p31 “Workplace zones outputs will be produced for England and Wales” presumably because workplace zones will only be defined in England and Wales.

    p41 “the Standard Industry Classification (current version is SIC2009)”. Have I missed a revision? I’ve been using SIC2007.

    No doubt lots of other queries …

  2. saspac says:

    Many thanks for your input David, we will collate these queries and feedback to ONS.

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