ONS Second Release Tables


ONS have published the final tables (although still subject to redesign) planned for next Census data release between November and February. This comprises of 36 Key Statistics and 71 Quick Statistics tables relating to a range of themes such as: Labour Market, Ethnicity, Language, Housing, Qualifications and Religion. A reminder of the overall output timetable can be seen here.

Direct links to the 2011 Key Statistics layouts (xls) and Quick Statistics layouts (.xls) and a 2001 to 2011 table lookup (.xls).

First 2011 Census Results Published for E&W


This morning at 11.00am ONS published the first results from the 2011 Census. The release includes estimates for local authority usual resident population, households and short-term migrants. In addition, a Quality Assurance Pack has been produced for each local authority and includes a range of comparator data, response rates and explanatory papers.

The original data (zip), as released by ONS, is available below as a zipped folder containing a collection of Excel files, along with the QA Packs (zip).

E&W 2011 Census estimates (.zip) E&W QA Data Packs (.zip)

Remember the next Census outputs are expected from November and will be available through SASPAC. Subsequent releases will contain around 100 detailed cross-tabulations for Census Output Areas (approx. 100 households) and will include details of the population’s characteristics such as: ethnicity, occupation, economic activity, country of birth, language and much much more!

2001 Census summary stats


Many users will be interested in comparing Monday’s Census results with the equivalent 2001 data. To aid this process, and where possible, the equivalent 2001 data has been extracted from SASPAC and made available here (.xls). This file contains data for constituent geographies in E&W and includes data relating to:

– all Usual residents, males and females totals and 5-year age bands

– household and communal establishment usual residents.

There was no short-term resident data available in 2001.

Please be aware that methodological and definitional changes apply when comparing 2001 and 2011 datasets!

Census Estimates – what data to expect


In readiness for Monday’s ‘Census Day’ population estimates, ONS have provided templates for the 18 data tables (zip) and the Quality Assurance Data Pack (zip) as Excel files. This will provide users with a good understanding of the actual variables and structure of information that will ‘go live’ on the ONS website.

Understanding the Census Estimates


ONS have just completed a series of very interesting and insightful workshops aimed at helping users’ understand how the Census population estimates are created. The events described the processes ONS went through to get from the raw Census counts to the Census population estimates and included:

  • Estimating under-enumeration (Dual System Estimation – see the Johnny Ball video below for a 5min explanation!)

  • Estimating for bias
  • Estimating for overcount
  • Under-enumeration in Communal Establishments and nationally
  • Quality Assuring the estimates

The slides (pdf) from the event are available.

A reminder that the first Census Outputs for England & Wales will be released on Monday 16 July at 11.00, these will include:

  • Local Authority Usual Resident population estimates (totals, males and females by 5-year age bands)
  • Local Authority household space estimate and short-term migrants
  • Supporting Quality Assurance data (components of the census estimate, confidence intervals, comparisons with other data sources)
  • Explanatory Papers
  • Data visualisations

The data will be released as Excel files.