Census Estimates – what data to expect

In readiness for Monday’s ‘Census Day’ population estimates, ONS have provided templates for the 18 data tables (zip) and the Quality Assurance Data Pack (zip) as Excel files. This will provide users with a good understanding of the actual variables and structure of information that will ‘go live’ on the ONS website.

2 Responses to Census Estimates – what data to expect

  1. David Walker says:

    1. To summarise the six LA tables:

    H01 Households
    M02 Migrants
    P07 Residents

    P04 Residents by age group
    P05 Male residents by age group
    P06 Female residents by age group

    Any chance of combining these into a single table (or at least the first three)? Not a big job, but only needs to be done once.

    2. Is there also a single table showing the census Count and census Estimate so we can see the quantity of imputation for each LA?

    3. Will the SASPAC team be preparing SASPAC Framework files for these?

  2. SASPAC says:

    Thanks David,

    In response to your questions:

    1. I agree a single table would make a lot more sense and we’ll produce something and add to the site shortly after the results are available on Monda.y

    2. It’s in the QA pack and selectable by for LAs and Counties by 5-year age bands.

    3. SASPAC will not be building Framework because of the very limited data and geography being made available – probably best just handled in Excel.

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