ONS Second Release Tables

ONS have published the final tables (although still subject to redesign) planned for next Census data release between November and February. This comprises of 36 Key Statistics and 71 Quick Statistics tables relating to a range of themes such as: Labour Market, Ethnicity, Language, Housing, Qualifications and Religion. A reminder of the overall output timetable can be seen here.

Direct links to the 2011 Key Statistics layouts (xls) and Quick Statistics layouts (.xls) and a 2001 to 2011 table lookup (.xls).

4 Responses to ONS Second Release Tables

  1. David Walker says:

    The ONS table lookup shows which tables of the 2011 Key Statistics can be compared with equivalent tables from 2001. It would be rather handy if the SASPAC team could prepare KS table frameworks to display 2001 data alongside 2011.

    Beware though tables in Section 6 (Labour Market) of the 2011 Key Statistics, where the standard industrial and occupational classifications have changed since 2001.

    • SASPAC says:

      Thanks David, there are likely to be lots of comparison caveats but I can certainly see the value in 2011/2001 Frameworks…it’s on the list!

  2. John Reehill says:

    A letter from ONS to LA Chief Exec’s indicates that release 2.1 on 11 December will include QS tables 209EW and 210EW relating to detailed ethnic group and religion respectively. However, I can not find either of those tables within the QS table layouts published on the ONS web site. Am I looking in the wrong place. Many thanks
    John Reehill
    Salford City Council

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