SASPAC Training Dates Announced

Dates for SASPAC Training at City Hall, London are now available. We will be adding more dates to support the release of additional 2011 Census data in the coming months.This one-day course will provide attendees with an understanding of the census dataset, census geography and how to get the most out of SASPAC.The course is for those new to SASPAC as well as existing users looking for a refresher. Basic computer literacy and an interest in data analysis are all that are required.
Places on the courses will be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. Initially authorities will be limited to one place but more places will be available in the future. Advertised courses will only run if a minimum number of attendees sign up.
Note: Due to the timing of these dates the training examples will use 2001 data and SASPAC v9.5, rather than 2011 data and interface, however the knowledge gained will be applicable when the 2011 Census data are released by the Census Offices.

Unrounded 2011 Census data for E&W


Following the first 2011 Census data release published by ONS on 16 July, ONS have now updated these tables to include unrounded data (the data was previously rounded to the nearest 100) and single year of age figures for local authorities. Individual tables are available from the SASPAC website along with supporting information. This data has also been used to inform the mid-2011 population estimates which have been released today and available for local authorities and health areas in E&W.

Website Update


The Training section of the SASPAC website has been updated and is the place to go for the latest training materials, information on course booking and Helpdesk contact details.

The SASPAC Training Manual has also been revised to include information on the 2011 Census and can be accessed via the Downloads page of the website.

The manual includes an introduction to the census dataset and an explanation of census geographies as well as modules to guide the user through various SASPAC features. It is a useful resource for both newcomers to the census and, as a reference tool, to more experienced users.

The Support pages of the website now have a new Resources section where the SASPAC team will upload videos, presentations and all manner of useful and interesting material. Click on the image to watch a short video introduction to the Census and SASPAC.


link to video

2011 Census Events


SASPAC will be attending and presenting at following 2011 Census events:

We are also proud sponsors of the:

  •  TWRI National Conference on the 2011 Census: ‘Making best use of the 2011 Census’ being held at York on Friday 5th October 2012.

Slides and materials from these events will be added to our blog in due course.

We’re looking forward to meeting users interested in access Census statistics – so do come and say hello!

Beyond 2011 Consultation Report

The ONS have released a report into their initial Beyond 2011 consultation on the future of the census in England and Wales.The consultation ran from October 2011 to January 2012 and received responses from 275 organisations (44% of which were local authorities). In addition 207 people attended supporting workshops.

The consultation found that there remains strong support for a traditional census and that users fear other forms of data collection would lead to a loss of quality in small area demographic data, particularly multivariate data.

Beyond 2011 Public Consultation on User Requirements – Report
Respondents also expressed an increasing need for more timely and regular data in light of increasingly complex and variable populations.The report outlines the detailed findings of the consultation within specific data areas including population, housing, ethnicity and migration, among others. It also provides details of the next stages in the Beyond 2011 process before ONS recommendations are due in 2014.

Download the report here:—projects/beyond-2011/news-and-events/reports-and-publications/beyond-2011-user-requirements-consultation-report.pdf

Census-related Data Releases


The following 2011 Census-based demographic data releases are expected to be made available by ONS in September:

  • 24/9: Unrounded population and household Census estimates for local authorities and counties in England & Wales (previously released in July to the nearest 100)
  • 25/9: Mid-2011 Population Estimates for local authorities and counties by single year of age and sex England & Wales
  • 28/9: Subnational population projections (based on 2011 MYE) available to 2021 for English local authorities by single year of age and sex

Further details are available from the ONS release calendar.

ONS dissemination plans for next Census release


With the second ONS Census data release on the horizon (beginning November), SASPAC is busy preparing the software to ensure its users can access these outputs as soon as they are available.

ONS announced in yesterday’s newsletter that the primary route to this data will be through the NeSS Neighbourhood Statistics website for online searches (similar to 2001) and also through bulk release in CSV form. The ONS Web Explorer tool/API is now planned to be ready in spring 2013.

SASPAC has been a keen supporter and partner to ONS in the API development and will take advantage of these tools when they come online. But, SASPAC is also pleased that the data will come out in bulk form so that users can still rely on SASPAC to provide them with convenient access to the expected Key and Quick Statistics data tables for all the geographies included in the second Census release (OAs, SOAs, LA/UA, wards).

ONS Census September Newsletter


ONS published the latest Census newsletter yesterday. Following the release of the first Census results for England & Wales back in July, this edition focused on details relating to the forthcoming outputs and future dissemination plans. The following key issues are included:

  • summary of the media coverage and web traffic relating to the first outputs in July;
  • links to detailed Q&As and evaluation reports supporting the first results;
  • details of the next Census data release – planned for between November’12-February’13 and available via the NeSS website;
  • the API and Explorer tool will be available in Spring 2013;
  • a summary of the Census Statistical Disclosure Control methods applied to protect the confidentiality of individuals and entities such as businesses.