ONS dissemination plans for next Census release

With the second ONS Census data release on the horizon (beginning November), SASPAC is busy preparing the software to ensure its users can access these outputs as soon as they are available.

ONS announced in yesterday’s newsletter that the primary route to this data will be through the NeSS Neighbourhood Statistics website for online searches (similar to 2001) and also through bulk release in CSV form. The ONS Web Explorer tool/API is now planned to be ready in spring 2013.

SASPAC has been a keen supporter and partner to ONS in the API development and will take advantage of these tools when they come online. But, SASPAC is also pleased that the data will come out in bulk form so that users can still rely on SASPAC to provide them with convenient access to the expected Key and Quick Statistics data tables for all the geographies included in the second Census release (OAs, SOAs, LA/UA, wards).

2 Responses to ONS dissemination plans for next Census release

  1. Jayne Mills says:

    Alan – do you have any idea of time scales for release of the data on SASPAC?

    • SASPAC says:

      Hi Jayne,

      We will get this out to users ASAP after ONS have released the bulk formats to us (these will probably be couriered to us the day of release). We are now beginning to get sample outputs from ONS which will help us prepare our systems; there is a date in November they are aiming for and we should find this out later in September. As the dates begin to get firmer I’ll keep you posted via the blog.

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