Beyond 2011 Consultation Report

The ONS have released a report into their initial Beyond 2011 consultation on the future of the census in England and Wales.The consultation ran from October 2011 to January 2012 and received responses from 275 organisations (44% of which were local authorities). In addition 207 people attended supporting workshops.

The consultation found that there remains strong support for a traditional census and that users fear other forms of data collection would lead to a loss of quality in small area demographic data, particularly multivariate data.

Beyond 2011 Public Consultation on User Requirements – Report
Respondents also expressed an increasing need for more timely and regular data in light of increasingly complex and variable populations.The report outlines the detailed findings of the consultation within specific data areas including population, housing, ethnicity and migration, among others. It also provides details of the next stages in the Beyond 2011 process before ONS recommendations are due in 2014.

Download the report here:—projects/beyond-2011/news-and-events/reports-and-publications/beyond-2011-user-requirements-consultation-report.pdf

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