2nd Address Estimates & Ward/Output Area data

Monday saw ONS release Census data relating to people with second addresses for local authorities in England & Wales. The data included the number of usual residents who reported having a 2nd address (i.e. spent more than 30 days a year at another address) outside of the LA they were usually resident. Figures are broken down three address types (Working, Holiday, Other), sex and broad age groups.

The data and a report is available from the ONS website; a data visualisation was also produced by the BBC.

ONS also announced population and household estimates for ward and output area geographies will be available on 23 November 2012. Specific details are not yet available but it is expected that these will be similar in content to the First release tables released in September and are ahead of the planned 2nd release Key Statistics & Quick Statistics tables coming from November.

3 Responses to 2nd Address Estimates & Ward/Output Area data

  1. David Walker says:

    Are the new census OA geographies still on target for release this Tuesday?

  2. SASPAC says:

    ONS have just added that the 23rd November data will be five-year age bands by sex: http://bit.ly/MO1kwD (presumably unrounded).

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