Small Area 2011 Census data


On 23 November 2012 ONS released population and household estimates for wards and output areas (LSOA/MSOAs) in England & Wales. The data included:

  • usually resident population by five-year age group and sex
  • number of households with at least one usual resident
  • number of household residents and residents of communal establishments
  • average household size
  • population density

Data has been provided as (zipped) Excel files, split by regions, on the ONS website. Direct links to these tables are also available from SASPAC’s own data download page.

SASPAC Training Videos


Two new videos have been added to the Resources page of the SASPAC website.

The Basic Operations video gives new users a helpful overview of some of the fundamentals of SASPAC. The video introduces the SASPAC interface as well as concepts such as System Files and Geography Selection. Basic Operations video
The Module 1 video takes users through the first module in the SASPAC training manual. This short video will get you started using SASPAC and you’ll learn how to select and output variables for printing. Module 1 video
More videos covering other modules in the SASPAC manual will be added later.

Don’t forget we are currently taking bookings for training days at City Hall in January. Details can be found on the Bookings page of the website. Contact to book your place.

2011 Census lookup files for LAs


Following the release of the 2011 Census boundaries and lookup table products on 30 October 2012, colleagues at the LGA have very helpfully created a set of tables that join together several of the original lookups into separate Excel worksheets – one for each local authority in England & Wales. Each table contains the following:

– 2011 Output Area code

– lower super output area code/name

– local authority/district code/name

– ward code/name

These files are available from the LGA website and many thanks to Stephen Richards for creating them. The original lookup files are available from the ONS website.

2011 Census 2nd release and SASPAC


Earlier this week ONS announced the release dates for Release 2.0 of the 2011 Census results. This release relates to the univariate summary tables called Key Statistics and Quick Statistics and includes most of the topics collected in the census questionnaire. The Key Statistics tables are also the only table set to contain percentage values – very useful for area profiling. The table below summaries what we can expect and when:

Release  Date Description Geography
2.1 11 December 2012 35 Key Statistics and 9 Quick Statistics tables Local authorities in England & Wales
2.2 30 January 2013 35 Key Statistics & 71 Quick Statistics tables Output Area, LSOA and MSOA hierarchies; wards; parishes; parliamentary Constituencies
2.3 Before 28 Feburary 2013 35 Key Statistics & 71 Quick Statistics tables Welsh Gov constituencies; National Parks; postcode sectors; health areas; population headcounts for unit postcodes

A list of the release 2.1 tables and their titles can be found here (.xls), whilst the latest draft table layouts are available under ‘downloads’ from the ONS site. Although the final table layouts (with cell identifiers) are not expected to be available until the end of November.

SASPAC will be making this data available to users via an updated version of the software (via a new installation) and System data files, both of which will be downloadable to members from our website. We will aim to make an updated installation available ahead of the 11 December data release and will build the Systems files, QA the data before distributing to users ASAP after the 11 December.

Scottish Census Outputs update


Yesterday the NRS published their updated 2011 Census Output Prospectus (pdf). Some key dates for your diary are:

1) 17 December 2012: First Census population estimates by 5-year age bands and sex for Scotland, total population estimate for each council area.

2) March 2013: Population estimates by five-year age bands and sex for Scotland and each council area. Household estimates for Scotland and each council area.

3) May 2013: Population estimates by single year of age and sex for Scotland and each council area.

4) Summer 2013: Key and Quick statistics tables; Scotland level population estimates by single year of age and sex, Census Profiles; Population and Household estimates by postcode and Geography products.

5) Autumn 2013: Local Characteristics tables.

6) Winter 2013: Detailed Characteristics tables.

(Draft table design are available from here)

It is expected that as Scottish data is made available detailed UK-wide Census statistics will be produced by ONS – timings of these are not currently available.

2nd Release date for 2011 Census announced


ONS have just announced that the next release of 2011 Census tables (Phase 1 of  Release 2) will begin on 11 December 2012 and will include Key Statistics tables for local and unitary authorities in England & Wales. This release contains 33 tables containing summary counts and percentage values for the core topics from the Census, draft tables can be seen here (.xls). Data for smaller geographies such as Output Areas/Wards (originally planned for November) are now expected in the new year, along with the Quick Statistics tables (.xls).

SASPAC will be making all these tables available to users via an updated version of the software.