2011 Census 2nd release and SASPAC

Earlier this week ONS announced the release dates for Release 2.0 of the 2011 Census results. This release relates to the univariate summary tables called Key Statistics and Quick Statistics and includes most of the topics collected in the census questionnaire. The Key Statistics tables are also the only table set to contain percentage values – very useful for area profiling. The table below summaries what we can expect and when:

Release  Date Description Geography
2.1 11 December 2012 35 Key Statistics and 9 Quick Statistics tables Local authorities in England & Wales
2.2 30 January 2013 35 Key Statistics & 71 Quick Statistics tables Output Area, LSOA and MSOA hierarchies; wards; parishes; parliamentary Constituencies
2.3 Before 28 Feburary 2013 35 Key Statistics & 71 Quick Statistics tables Welsh Gov constituencies; National Parks; postcode sectors; health areas; population headcounts for unit postcodes

A list of the release 2.1 tables and their titles can be found here (.xls), whilst the latest draft table layouts are available under ‘downloads’ from the ONS site. Although the final table layouts (with cell identifiers) are not expected to be available until the end of November.

SASPAC will be making this data available to users via an updated version of the software (via a new installation) and System data files, both of which will be downloadable to members from our website. We will aim to make an updated installation available ahead of the 11 December data release and will build the Systems files, QA the data before distributing to users ASAP after the 11 December.

2 Responses to 2011 Census 2nd release and SASPAC

  1. Ian Coldicott says:

    In the table, for 2011 read 2012 and for 2012 read 2013!

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