Small Area 2011 Census data

On 23 November 2012 ONS released population and household estimates for wards and output areas (LSOA/MSOAs) in England & Wales. The data included:

  • usually resident population by five-year age group and sex
  • number of households with at least one usual resident
  • number of household residents and residents of communal establishments
  • average household size
  • population density

Data has been provided as (zipped) Excel files, split by regions, on the ONS website. Direct links to these tables are also available from SASPAC’s own data download page.

2 Responses to Small Area 2011 Census data

  1. David Walker says:

    You may want to clarify that the zipped-up ONS spreadsheets include data down to OA level as well as the two SOA levels.

  2. SASPAC says:

    Thanks David – page has been updated.

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