Getting ready for Census data and SASPAC v9.75

On Tuesday 11 December ONS will publish the first detailed 2011 Census tables for Local Authorities in England & Wales. The data will include 35 Key Statistics and 11 Quick Statistics tables covering topics such as:

  • ethnicity
  • country of birth
  • occupation
  • language
  • qualifications
  • health

A list of table numbers and titles can be downloaded here (.xls) and draft table layouts can be found on the ONS website.

To provide users with access to these tables, SASPAC will be making this release available to our users via an updated version of the software (version 9.75) – downloadable as a full installation from our website. The SASPAC team will be processing and quality assuring the data before distributing as soon as possible in the days following the release. The supporting SASPAC System data files will also be downloadable from our website. Members will be notified as soon as v9.75 and the data is available via our blog.

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