A Happy New Year (and some more data)!

A Happy New year to all SASPAC users and blog followers.

An exciting year of 2011 Census data releases is ahead of us and has already begun with the (delayed) release of Quick Statistics Table QS209EW by ONS yesterday. The table supplements the data for 18 ethnic groups previously released in KS201EW on 11 December and includes details for 91 ethnic groups. In addition, ONS have also provided a commissioned table (CT0010EW) that includes details of the ‘write-in’ responses for the ethnic group question.

Due to the table definition for QS209EW changing from that previously specified by ONS, users interested in accessing this table will need to update a small number of files in v9.75 – please contact the helpdesk for details. SASPAC System files including this table are available to download.

If you are happy to wait, this table will be incorporated as part of the next software release in early February.


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