SASPAC v9.80 Released

ONS published the latest release of 2011 Census data on the 30 January 2013. This included 104 Census tables (35 Key Statistics (KS), 68 Quick Statistics(QS) and one Commissioned Table) for the Output Area (OA, Lower SOA and Middle SOA) and Ward geography hierarchies in England & Wales. This builds on the local authority KS and QS tables released on 11 December 2012.  A list of tables available in this release can be found here (.xls), as well as the table layouts (.xls).

To access these new tables the SASPAC team have prepared and provided an updated version of the application (v9.80), which is available for download. In addition, all the SASPAC System files have been added to our data page and may be downloaded (Please be aware of the file sizes when downloading).

SASPAC v9.80

If you have any issues relating to this release or the Census date available please contact the helpdesk.

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