More and updated Census data available for download!

Building on the current System Files (.sys) downloads available for various geographies in England & Wales, new data is now available to download!

This includes:

  • USOAs (Wales only)
  • Parliamentary Constituencies
  • Parishes in England & Communities in Wales
  • Primary Care Organisations (PCOs) in England/Local Health Boards (LHB) in Wales and Strategic Health Authorities (SHA) in England

In addition, ONS recently notified Census users of an error relating to Quick Statistics table  QS203EW (Detailed Country of Birth). The error was present across all Census releases on the ONS website (including bulk data outputs) going back to December 2012. SASPAC has corrected these tables and, to assist users data management, is maintaining a list of all data corrections/re-releases (.xls) on our website. Following its recent release, this and previous data may be accessed using SASPAC v9.80.

ONS also published the following datasets earlier today:

  • KS for National Parks in England and Wales
  • KS and QS for Postcode Sectors
  • KS and QS for National Assembly for Welsh Constituencies

The SASPAC team are currently processing the data, which will be available for download shortly.

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