Scottish Census Update


Yesterday NRS published an update to their Census Output Prospectus (.pdf), the key points were:

  • Release 1C will be published on Tuesday 23 July at 9.30 am and will include population estimates for single year of age by sex for Council Areas and Health Boards.
  • Release 1C will also include population/household estimates for Output Areas/postcodes along with digital boundaries and lookup tables
  • Release 2, scheduled for late summer 2013, will include Key and Quick Statistics tables and be released in phases (A to D) based on geography (similar to E&W). Council Areas/Health Boards will be first (2A), followed by Output Areas and Data Zones (2B).
  • NRS will not be following the ONS/NISRA plans to switch the order of Release 3 and 4 tables, with Local Characteristic tables (down to Output Area level) available as release 3 and Detailed Characteristics (down to Postcode Sectors) as Release 4.  Currently these are expected from late autumn and winter respectively.

More details are available from Census pages on the NRS website.

Next Census release – 28 June 2013


Today ONS released the date for the next phase of 2011 Census data, these datasets are expected to include:

  • Detailed Characteristic tables related to Housing for Local Authorities and above in E&W
  • Key Statistics for 2011 Built Up Areas in E&W
  • Headcounts and Household Estimates  for Postcodes in E&W

and will be released on 28 June 2013.

We’re waiting to receive updated table layouts for the expected Detailed Characteristics tables but the most recent draft layouts included 31 tables and covered topics such as: occupancy rating, ethnicity, religion, central heating, tenure, bedrooms, household composition, household size and communal establishments. We’ll keep users up to date as soon as we hear more.

The publication of Postcode headcount data will provide users with the ability to use SASPAC to create improved ward (and other small geography) population estimates – previously discussed in our blog. This dataset comprises details of the number of males, females and occupied households and will provide a very accurate method of redistributing the population to other boundaries.

Census release and SASPAC v9.82


On the 16 May 2013 ONS published 42 Detailed Characteristics Census tables for Local Authorities in England & Wales. These tables represent the first detailed cross-tabulations to be released from the 2011 Census and, in most cases, will be released for ward and Middle Layer Super Output Area (MSOA) geographies. However, some tables will not be available for these small zones due to disclosure control. Of the 42 tables:

  • nine are available for the nine English regions and Wales;
  • one (DC6301EW) for 2011 Census Merged Districts1;
  • 32 for Local Authorities in England & Wales (three are Welsh only)

A copy of these table layouts in Excel can be found here (.xls)

To support access to these new tables, the SASPAC team have produced an updated version of the application (v9.82).  Due to the relatively small nature of the update and to help organisations’ avoid the, sometimes costly, process of arranging a full software installation the update files need to be simply “copy and pasted” to your current system. A release note (.pdf) explains how to go about this process and the relevant update files ( are available to download. Finally, the supporting System files for this release can also be downloaded here (28MB .zip).

This data release represents the first in a set of tables to be published as part of Release 3 and a further three subsequent releases (3.2/3.3/3.4) are expected to be made available over the summer months (between June and August). It is not currently clear what data will be available when but we will keep users up to data as soon as we hear more. More details relating to this release can be found on the ONS website.

1“2011 Census Merged District” geographies have been produced where small districts have been merged to ensure the confidentiality of individual’s personal information. The Isles of Scilly UA has been merged with Cornwall UA, and the City of London has been merged with Westminster.

2011 Census Travel to Work commissioned table


The GLA have commissioned a Method of Travel to Work table (CT0045)  for ward, LA/UA, counties and regions in E&W which is comparable with the 2001 table. This is identical to table CT0015 ONS previously released to support their own analysis but was only released down to district level.

This new table provides Census estimates that are consistent with the classifications used in 2001 (table KS015), e.g. if a person indicates their place of work is at their home address but said that they travel to work by driving a car or van, they will appear in the category “Work mainly at or from home”, as was the case in 2001. In contrast, the 2011 table QS701EW uses a person’s method of travel to work to classify them, even if they have ticked the “Work mainly at or from home” category.

(We have requested ONS add geography codes to this file as it currently only contains names).

SASPAC Data update


We have recently updated the System files available from our website to include:

population centroid data for 2011 Census Output Areas, Lower Layer Super Output Areas and Middle Layer Super Ouptut Areas (the population weighted centroid is a single point that represent the median location of households). These may be extracted from the software using the header variables “Easting” and “Northing” which are stored on the updated System files.

– Quick Statistics tables: QS212EW (Passports Held (detailed)), QS214EW (National Identify (detailed)) and QS611EW (Approximate Social Grade).

This completes all the Key and Quick Statistics tables expected from the 2011 Census.

Next week (16/5) ONS will be releasing 42 Detailed Characteristic tables and will be the first detailed cross tabulations produced from the 2011 Census. This release represents Phase 1 of 3 in Release 3.0. 33 of these tables will be available for ward and Middle Layer Super Output Areas, 1 at Local Authority and 8 at regional level. The final table layouts can be found here (.xls).

Once the SASPAC team have loaded and quality assured this data, System files will be downloadable from the SASPAC website, along with a small software update. We’ll blog as soon as this data is available.

1991 Data Update


Bulk downloads for 1991 Census data for all geographies has just been added to our Data page.

These datasets include 10% and 100% data for both Small Area Statistics and Local Based Statistics for all geographies in Great Britain and can be downloaded here (Be aware of file sizes when downloading).