SASPAC Data update

We have recently updated the System files available from our website to include:

population centroid data for 2011 Census Output Areas, Lower Layer Super Output Areas and Middle Layer Super Ouptut Areas (the population weighted centroid is a single point that represent the median location of households). These may be extracted from the software using the header variables “Easting” and “Northing” which are stored on the updated System files.

– Quick Statistics tables: QS212EW (Passports Held (detailed)), QS214EW (National Identify (detailed)) and QS611EW (Approximate Social Grade).

This completes all the Key and Quick Statistics tables expected from the 2011 Census.

Next week (16/5) ONS will be releasing 42 Detailed Characteristic tables and will be the first detailed cross tabulations produced from the 2011 Census. This release represents Phase 1 of 3 in Release 3.0. 33 of these tables will be available for ward and Middle Layer Super Output Areas, 1 at Local Authority and 8 at regional level. The final table layouts can be found here (.xls).

Once the SASPAC team have loaded and quality assured this data, System files will be downloadable from the SASPAC website, along with a small software update. We’ll blog as soon as this data is available.

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