2011 Census Travel to Work commissioned table


The GLA have commissioned a Method of Travel to Work table (CT0045)  for ward, LA/UA, counties and regions in E&W which is comparable with the 2001 table. This is identical to table CT0015 ONS previously released to support their own analysis but was only released down to district level.

This new table provides Census estimates that are consistent with the classifications used in 2001 (table KS015), e.g. if a person indicates their place of work is at their home address but said that they travel to work by driving a car or van, they will appear in the category “Work mainly at or from home”, as was the case in 2001. In contrast, the 2011 table QS701EW uses a person’s method of travel to work to classify them, even if they have ticked the “Work mainly at or from home” category.

(We have requested ONS add geography codes to this file as it currently only contains names).