Update on Scottish Outputs


NRS have announced a change to the timetable for the forthcoming Census outputs, with Release 1C now being split into 2 parts:

  1. 23 July: population estimates by single year of age and sex for Scotland, Council Areas and Health Boards
  2. 15 August: population estimates and household estimates by Postcodes, Output Areas and Datazones, along with supporting digital boundaries and lookup tables

and, the first phase of Release 2 (Key and Quick Statistics tables) will be available from late September.

The latest version of the Output Prospectus is available from the NRS website.

ONS Outputs Update


ONS have recently updated plans for the next Census outputs, with Release 4 now beginning on 31 July and before the end of Release 3. A timeline of what to expect  next, as it currently stands, is below:

  • 12 July: Release 3.2b – MSOA and ward level Detailed Characteristic tables (for the 76 tables already available at LA level) + 21 additional tables (14 national, 5 regional and 2 at LA level)
  • 31 July: Release 4.1 – Output Area level Local Characteristic tables relating to ethnicity, identity, religion and language
  • 30 August: Release 3.3 – MSOA and ward level Detailed Characteristic tables relating to the Demography topic

More details relating to these releases can be found on the ONS website, along with the latest Release 3 layouts. It’s not currently clear when Armed Forces or Detailed Theme tables can be expected but we’ll keep users posted as soon as we know more.