SASPAC v9.83 (with enhanced metadata)

Following the release of the 2011 Census Detailed Characteristics tables for Middle Layer Super Output Area (MSOAs) and Census Merged Wards on 12 July, SASPAC v9.83 is now available and provides access to all these datasets tables. Software update files (7MB .zip) and instructions (.pdf) are downloadable from our website.

In addition, updated System files relating to these new tables are available to download from SASPAC’s data page or a link to just the Detailed Characteristics datasets (National to MSOA/ward geographies) can be downloaded here (640 MB .zip).

Finally, following user demand, the software’s CSV export function has now been enhanced to include cell-level metadata descriptions:

SASPAC CSV output without metadata:
SASPAC CSV output available with v9.83 with metadata:

Users may also be interested in saving version of the Census table layouts for all the datasets currently available:

Quick Statistics table layouts (22.07.13) (pdf)

Key Statistics table layouts (22.07.13) (.pdf)

Detailed Characteristics table layouts (22.07.13) (.pdf)

Commissioned table layouts (22.07.13) (.pdf)

As tables are released/updated these layouts will be updated on our support page.

One Response to SASPAC v9.83 (with enhanced metadata)

  1. says:

    Hello SASPAC
    Thank You for providing a printable version of the table layouts. They prove to be extremely useful when talking to people about what the Census can and cannot provide in meetings where there is no PC access.
    We have downloaded and printed them but the Detailed Characteristics is 500 pages and needs to be split.
    Do you have an index of table numbers and titles that are in your in either Excel or Word format?
    The lists of table layouts from ONS that I have do not contain the same number of tables. The DC1101 to DC1103 are missing.
    I just thought I’d check with you before I start compiling a master list.

    Anne Brierley
    01622 221632

    Business Intelligence: Research & Evaluation
    Kent County Council
    Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.

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