Local Characteristic Census tables now in SASPAC

On 31/7/13 ONS released 21 Local Characteristic tables for Output Areas and higher geographies in E&W. Local Characteristic (LC) tables are detailed cross tabulations available for the smallest geographical area from the Census. This release is the first in a series of monthly LC table publications outlined in the release schedule.

As with previous releases, a SASPAC software update and set of System files (794MB .zip) are available for users to download. Detailed guidance (.pdf) explaining how to update SASPAC are also available. These tables have also been integrated into SASPAC’s master data download page.

Please contact the helpdesk if you have any issues with this update.

2 Responses to Local Characteristic Census tables now in SASPAC

  1. gregball2013 says:

    The labelling on page 10 of the table DC4201EW seem incorrect

    The age groups should be 75-84 and 85+, not all HRPs and 16-24.

    • SASPAC says:

      Many thanks Greg, we had spotted this one and had corrected our master files here. These will go out with the next update following Friday’s Census data release – let me know if you’d like the updated files before then.

      Best wishes,


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