Scottish SASPAC update (June’14)

The SASPAC team have integrated the latest Scottish Census Release 3E tables into the application and these are now available for users to download along with the supporting System filesUsers will need to download the latest System files and update their version of the application to access these new tables. Release 3e was published on 4 June and is made up of 12 tables::

  • 12 Local Characteristic tables
  • 7 Detailed Characteristic tables (3  only available at Scotland and Council area)

In previous blog posts we have mentioned that LC1110SC (Family composition by age of Family Reference Person (FRP)) and DC1120SC (Households with full-time students away from home and age of student by number of students) would be published as part of this release but they will be part of Release 3F, scheduled for the 25 June and will comprise of 29 tables.  The SASPAC team will make these tables available to users ASAP after this date.

2 Responses to Scottish SASPAC update (June’14)

  1. Boag, Jenny says:

    Great, that is us now up to date!

    See you next Monday at CLIP?


    Jennifer Boag
    Research and Information Team Leader
    Research and Information Team
    Falkirk Council

    Tel: 01324 506016
    Fax: 01324 506061

    web site:

  2. SASPAC says:

    Pleased to hear it Jenny. Yes, I’ll be at CLIP, see you there.

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