Census Flow data update

ONS have recently announced further details on how to access the 2011 Origin-Destination (OD) datasets. The safeguarded tables are now expected to be released via the UK Data Service available in September. To support this, SASPAC have been working with ONS to make these tables available to download from the UK Data Service in a SASPAC format (.SYS). This means users will be able to: download the data from the UKDS, a software update from www.saspac.org and access these tables on their desktops. To prepare for the data, we would recommend registering for the UKDS now (open to academic/public sector users) and then signing up to the additional safeguarded t&cs when the data is published.

The SASPAC team have been working on the integrating the OD Public tables recently published. However, having raised some potential issues in the data with ONS, some corrected data was released yesterday (12/8/14) but there are still some outstanding issues – once we are confident in these datasets we will release these to our users.

A reminder that these public, safeguarded and secure OD data releases are just the priority tables and a lot more are due to be published in November/December this year.


2 Responses to Census Flow data update

  1. Landman, Paul says:

    Do you know if this will be for the Scottish Data at this time? Or just England, Wales NI?


    /_) /

    Paul Landman
    Senior Information Development Officer
    Planning Property and Regeneration

    Phone: 0141 577 3055
    Fax: 0141 577 3781


    • SASPAC says:

      Hi Paul,

      You may already be aware that NRS identified an issue with the Scottish flow data, so these flows were excluded from the earlier Public data. There has been no further update on this issue from the Census Offices so I think we can assume that this remains the case I’m afraid.



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