2011 Census Evaluation Report


In January 2015 ONS held a 2011 Census Outputs Evaluation workshop at City Hall, London. The meeting was an opportunity for reprsentatives from local authorities, business, academic and third sector Census users to feedback their experiences from 2011 to the Census Offices. Each sector presented their opinion of what ‘went well’ and what lessons need to be learnt for 2021. All the slides and a report (.pdf) from the day have now been published on the ONS website.

Callum Foster also shared some of ONS’ early thoughts on the potential data delivery channels we can expect following 2021:


Callum’s slides can be downloaded here (1MB .ppt)

Gazetteer Files & Compiler Tool


The ability to aggregate small area data into larger zones is a particularly valuable tool when working with origin-destination datasets.

In order to help users complete rezoning tasks we have created a bank of 63 Gazetteer Files. The files can be used to rezone standard geographies in England & Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland. In addition we have also created an Excel-based tool which allows users to combine these files to create their own UK-wide gazetteer files.

The Gazetteer files, Gaz Compiler Tool and instruction document can be downloaded here:

GAZ Compiler (zip file, 5Mb). (updated Sept 2015)

Information on how to use gazetteer files in SASPAC can be found in Module 4b of the Training Manual.