What is SASPAC?
SASPAC (Small Area Statistics PACkage) is a software package designed to facilitate the storage, interrogation, and analysis of the large quantity of small area statistics information produced by the UK Census Offices. These datasets are derived from responses to the decennial Census questionnaires and hold aggregated data relating to a variety of geographic areas. Operating in a Windows-based environment SASPAC allows users to search, query, analyse and export data from the 1971, 1981, 1991, 2001 and 2011 Censuses. Below is a short video introduction to the Census dataset and SASPAC features.

Introduction Video

Who uses it?

Following the publication of the 2001 Census results, there were over 380 organisations using the software across the UK. A majority of these are from the public sector with users in local, central and regional government. Others are from a range of health sector organisations, including PCTs, Strategic Health Authorities and Health Observatories. SASPAC also has users in academia and the private sector. The Support Scheme is funded by an organisation-wide subscription, meaning that there will usually be a number of users and copies of the software in each organisation.

The Support Scheme
Membership to the support scheme provides users with advice and guidance in both the operation of the software and accessing/analysing the Census data. In addition, members receive software upgrades/enhancements and access to new, and historic, datasets.

Who owns it?
SASPAC is a ‘not for profit‘ initiative that is owned by the Local Government Association (LGA).


Who manages and supports it?
SASPAC is managed by the Intelligence Unit within the Greater London Authority (GLA) on behalf of its users. It is currently supported by its developers: Jacobs Ltd. Mapshore – the mapping element of SASPAC – is developed and supported by Pebbleshore Ltd. Development and support of InstantAtlas for SASPAC  is provided by GeoWise Ltd.

Greater London Authority logo

The Advisory Panel

The SASPAC Advisory Panel has been a long running feature of the project and is the formal vehicle for users to influence the development of the software. Consisting of experienced Census and SASPAC users, representatives from regional and local government, the health sector and academia play an important role in ensuring users’ views inform the development process.

How much does it cost?
The software is supported by annual user subscriptions, which are used to maintain and develop the software as well as providing a helpdesk support service.

Currently the purchase price of the software to organisations in the public sector is £1,500 + VAT in year one and subsequent year’s Support Scheme fees are then £675 + VAT per annum. The purchase cost of the software to organisations in the private sector is £3,000 + VAT per annum and the ongoing annual Support Scheme cost after this initial year is £1,350 + VAT.

As a result of SASPAC being owned and managed within the public sector, there is no attempt to make any profit on behalf of the GLA or LGA.

Is there a multi-user licence?
The above purchase price covers the whole organisation and not simply the purchasing department or individual – that is, it is an organisation licence, and the software may be installed on as many machines as required within the organisation, or on a network/thin-client.

To order a copy of the software please contact the helpdesk. A free trial version of the software is also available on request.

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