What do our users’ say

Below are quotes from some of our users about the SASPAC service.

With SASPAC in our toolkit we are able to produce census statistics for our bespoke geographies in Wiltshire, such as our Community Areas, which do not conform to the ONS Output Area hierarchy geographies. Having separately calculated the proportional ‘splits’ of ONS geographies we are able to easily create new SASPAC system files using the gazetteer method. Once this is done, selecting, viewing and exporting census statistics for our bespoke areas could not be easier! On the few occasions when we have needed assistance, support has come quickly from a member of the SASPAC team. Thank you so much!”

Doug Anderson
Researcher – Demography
Wiltshire Council

“We regard SASPAC as an essential tool to analyse Census data. There are two major benefits for us: Firstly, it makes it easy to create and export precise indicators from Census data. Secondly, and most importantly, it enables us to create accurate complete Census records for custom areas such as neighbourhoods or new wards, which is extremely difficult to do using the standard Census data tools. SASPAC helps us get the complete set of Census data for any geographic area we need.”

Tim Bounds
Economic Intelligence Officer
Tees Valley Unlimited

“The beauty of SASPAC for me is that I can easily create complete sets of census data (or a selection of variables) and save it into unique SASPAC system files, to be queried whenever they are needed. SASPAC outputs can be provided as simple tables for people who want to browse the census data or to export large amounts of data to import into GIS and other software. The data provided has been demystified by providing fully titled tables that require little manipulation to make them easy to understand.”

Neil Storer
Senior Officer, Corporate Strategy
London Borough of Camden

“I must thank the SASPAC team for all their support, it has been invaluable and is very much appreciated. I’d be completely stuck without them!”

Lesley Rees
Swyddog Polisi Ymchwil a Gwybodaeth
Policy Research and Information Officer
Carmarthen County Council

“I am heavily reliant on your website for finding (quickly) information about 2011 Census past and future releases. I’m also really impressed with how quickly the SASPAC system files are available for download following data release by ONS – thank you!”

Brenda Henry
Planning & Growth Strategy, Planning & Regeneration
Birmingham Council

“SASPAC allows me to interrogate the vast array of Census data available quickly, easily and flexibly, at the local geographies I am interested in.  New data is updated on the system in a timely fashion and project staff are always keen to assist with any technical issues. I would fully recommend using SASPAC for your Census analysis needs.”

Vicki Doyle
Policy Officer Statistics & Funding | Swyddog Polisi Ystadegau a Chyllid
Caerphilly County Borough Council | Cyngor Bwrdeistref Sirol Caerffili

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