SASPAC at BURISA Conference


SASPAC was invited to present at the 2011 BURISA Conference: ‘Census 2011 and Beyond – The Essential User Guide’, held at the Royal Statistical Society on 13/5/11. Alongside an agenda of interesting presentations and speakers, SASPAC provided delegates with an overview of our tools/services, an update on 2011 development activities and some thoughts about our services beyond Census 2011. The slides can be viewed below or downloaded (PP 2007 format (19MB)).

Full details of all the presentations will be available from the BURISA website shortly.



The latest BURISA newsletter (187) was published this week and includes an article entitled “SASPAC – a 30-year success story!“. This provides an overview of SASPAC’s history – going back to it’s origins with David Rhind and Keith Dugmore and the 1981 Census – what we’re up to now and a look towards the future. The newsletter also features a 2011 Census update, reports on data visualisation, measuring wellbeing and lots more. The full newsletter is available to BURISA members from their website but the SASPAC article has been extracted and is available here.

BURISA is a non-profit making organisation that aims to promote better communication between people concerned with information and information systems in local and central government, the health services, utilities and the academic world through its regular newsletter and periodic conferences and workshops.