ONS 2011 Census Analysis Consultation


The ONS are currently running a consultation on their plans for the analysis of 2011 Census data on Ethnicity & National Identity, Religion and Language. Responses to the consultation are required by Friday 31st August and should be emailed to equalitiesandwellbeing@ons.gsi.gov.uk. The consultation document can be downloaded here.

2011 Output Area Classification Responses


Back in February this year ONS undertook a user engagement exercise on a new 2011 Census based UK Output Area Classification (OAC). A summary of responses (pdf) has confirmed there is demand from users for the 2001 OAC to be updated using 2011 Census data, it is expected that this will be published sometime in 2013. More details.

NRS Beyond 2011 Website


National Records for Scotland have just released a ‘Beyond 2011’ website. In September 2011 the Beyond 2011 project was set up in Scotland to investigate alternative (to the traditional census) methods for delivering population and socio-demographic statistics in Scotland. A similar programme is already underway for England and Wales by the Office for National Statistics and the Registrar General for Northern Ireland will begin their own assessment following the release of the initial 2011 Census results.

NRS will not begin a formal consultation until Spring/Summer 2013 but interested parties can address any queries to: beyond2011@gro-scotlond.gsi.gov.uk.

ONS Census February Newsletter

ONS have published their 2nd Census Newsletter aimed at keeping users up to date with Census outputs and dissemination information. Highlights from this issue are:

  • 2011 Census output roadshows will be held in April on:

– 17 April: Manchester
– 18 April: York
– 19 & 27 April: London
– 25 April: Birmingham
– 26 April: Newport

Registration details will be available later this month.

  • first 2011 Census outputs (population estimates by age and sex for LAs) will be released in July 2012. 
  • work has begun (with BT) on the development a data explorer for the ONS website, this is expected to be available towards the end of 2012. Users are invited to help ONS test the data explorer tool by registering their interest by email
  • ONS will also be providing access to Census (and other) data through an API (Application Programming Interface) from October 2012 – SASPAC have been working with ONS to help test this service. User’s interested in the API service should contact ONS
  • as with previous Censuses, the Census Customer Services (CCS) team will are available to provide support and guidance on 2011 and previous Censuses
  • ONS will be presenting at the LARIA conference in Aston, Birmingham on 19 March

ONS Roadshow Q&As


ONS have published the Questions and Answers (pdf) from the September Operations to Outputs roadshows. Responses to the 122 questions covering topics including: the address register, field operations, online services and outputs.

In addition to the ONS response to Q117:

What is happening with SASPAC (Small Area Statistical Package) data?

The ONS response was: “SASPAC is a separate body to ONS. We are working with them and they will continue to get census data.

We can add that SASPAC is indeed a partner working with ONS to help them develop the online data delivery systems and are in the process of developing a new SASPAC application to access the 2011 outputs. Interested users can keep up to date with progress reports and development activity through this site and by registering your email address in the menu to the right of this blog.

ONS Census Newsletter

The December Census Newsletter has been published by ONS. This aims to keep partners up to date with developments and progress towards delivering the 2011 outputs. Highlights from this issue are:
  • the 2011 Census output prospectus/timetable will be released in March 2012
  • a Census toolkit to assist in the promotion of the outputs is planned for spring 2012
  • local authorities are urged to submit council tax data to assist with the Census QA process
  • comments on the recent special outputs workshop materials are required by 17 December

To register to receive these updates directly, forward your contact details to 2011.Census.LA.Liaison@ons.gov.uk. ONS expect to produce these every 2/3 months.

ONS 2011 Census workshop materials


ONS have published the materials and Q&As from the Oct/Nov workshops relating to the specialist 2011 Census outputs. Some of this are available from the ONS website but you may also download these as zip files below.

Small population outputs (24/10/11)

Analytic products (25/10/11)

Origin & Destination products (26/10/11)

Microdata products (11/11/11)