Tomorrow’s Census Data Release (3.2b)


We thought it would be helpful to clarify the data we are expecting ONS to publish tomorrow as part of Release 3.2b:

2 new Welsh LA level tables: DC1103WA and DC2112WA (Household composition by dependent children and ability to speak Welsh)

– 62 (incs. 8 Welsh) Details Characteristic tables for Census merged wards and MSOAs; these have all been previously released at LA level as part of Release 3.1 and 3.2a

4 new regional DC tables and 14 new Commissioned tables relating to migration but for England & Wales only

Table layouts for the new tables can be found here (2MB .xls).

The SASPAC team will process and quality assure these outputs before releasing to our users, along with a small software update, early next week.

Census Release 3.2a and Training courses


On Friday 28 June ONS published 34 Detailed Characteristics tables for Local Authorities in England & Wales. These tables represent release 3.2a and contain detailed cross-tabulations from the 2011 Census relating to housing, topics include:

  • marital status/civil partnership
  • living arrangements
  • tenure/accommodation type
  • Welsh language
  • NS-SeC/Economic activity

A copy of the table layouts from these tables can be found on the ONS website.

The SASPAC team have processed and quality assured these datasets and the System files can now be downloaded from our data page. A link to download just these Detailed Characteristic System files can be found here (34 MB .zip). SASPAC requires a small number of files to be updated to integrate these new tables within its searching mechanism.

To update from v9.80 users will need to download these update files (7MB .zip) and follow the instructions in this release note (.pdf).

If users are already running v9.82, a simple update process is necessary using the files here (4MB .zip) and accompanying update note (.pdf).

To support users in accessing these new tables, we have a number of courses scheduled at City Hall in the coming months – visit our booking page for the latest dates or contact Wil Tonkiss for more details. All our course materials can be found on our training pages.

Please do not hesitate to contact the helpdesk if you have any issues with this release.

Census release and SASPAC v9.82


On the 16 May 2013 ONS published 42 Detailed Characteristics Census tables for Local Authorities in England & Wales. These tables represent the first detailed cross-tabulations to be released from the 2011 Census and, in most cases, will be released for ward and Middle Layer Super Output Area (MSOA) geographies. However, some tables will not be available for these small zones due to disclosure control. Of the 42 tables:

  • nine are available for the nine English regions and Wales;
  • one (DC6301EW) for 2011 Census Merged Districts1;
  • 32 for Local Authorities in England & Wales (three are Welsh only)

A copy of these table layouts in Excel can be found here (.xls)

To support access to these new tables, the SASPAC team have produced an updated version of the application (v9.82).  Due to the relatively small nature of the update and to help organisations’ avoid the, sometimes costly, process of arranging a full software installation the update files need to be simply “copy and pasted” to your current system. A release note (.pdf) explains how to go about this process and the relevant update files ( are available to download. Finally, the supporting System files for this release can also be downloaded here (28MB .zip).

This data release represents the first in a set of tables to be published as part of Release 3 and a further three subsequent releases (3.2/3.3/3.4) are expected to be made available over the summer months (between June and August). It is not currently clear what data will be available when but we will keep users up to data as soon as we hear more. More details relating to this release can be found on the ONS website.

1“2011 Census Merged District” geographies have been produced where small districts have been merged to ensure the confidentiality of individual’s personal information. The Isles of Scilly UA has been merged with Cornwall UA, and the City of London has been merged with Westminster.

SASPAC Data update


We have recently updated the System files available from our website to include:

population centroid data for 2011 Census Output Areas, Lower Layer Super Output Areas and Middle Layer Super Ouptut Areas (the population weighted centroid is a single point that represent the median location of households). These may be extracted from the software using the header variables “Easting” and “Northing” which are stored on the updated System files.

– Quick Statistics tables: QS212EW (Passports Held (detailed)), QS214EW (National Identify (detailed)) and QS611EW (Approximate Social Grade).

This completes all the Key and Quick Statistics tables expected from the 2011 Census.

Next week (16/5) ONS will be releasing 42 Detailed Characteristic tables and will be the first detailed cross tabulations produced from the 2011 Census. This release represents Phase 1 of 3 in Release 3.0. 33 of these tables will be available for ward and Middle Layer Super Output Areas, 1 at Local Authority and 8 at regional level. The final table layouts can be found here (.xls).

Once the SASPAC team have loaded and quality assured this data, System files will be downloadable from the SASPAC website, along with a small software update. We’ll blog as soon as this data is available.

30th January Census Data Release

Many of you will be aware that the next Census 2011 data release (Release 2.2) is imminent, with the release of Key Statistics (35 tables) and Quick Statistics (69 tables) for Output Area, ward, parish and parliamentary constituency geographies expected next week. A list of table names and numbers can be found here (.xls). The latest table layouts are available from the ONS website but be aware as these may change before next week’s release date.

Once the SASPAC team have quality assured the data and created System files these will be made available for download via the data page of our website. To support the new 2011 statistical geography an updated version of the software (v9.80) will also be available to members for download. Followers will be notified as soon as software and the data is available via our blog.

ONS dissemination plans for next Census release


With the second ONS Census data release on the horizon (beginning November), SASPAC is busy preparing the software to ensure its users can access these outputs as soon as they are available.

ONS announced in yesterday’s newsletter that the primary route to this data will be through the NeSS Neighbourhood Statistics website for online searches (similar to 2001) and also through bulk release in CSV form. The ONS Web Explorer tool/API is now planned to be ready in spring 2013.

SASPAC has been a keen supporter and partner to ONS in the API development and will take advantage of these tools when they come online. But, SASPAC is also pleased that the data will come out in bulk form so that users can still rely on SASPAC to provide them with convenient access to the expected Key and Quick Statistics data tables for all the geographies included in the second Census release (OAs, SOAs, LA/UA, wards).

Sneak a peek at SASPAC’s new interface


The first stage of SASPAC’s 2011 Census development programme has been delivered and a shiny new interface developed using sample 2001 data. A short 3 minute video is available and demonstrates the new ‘look and feel’ along with some of the current functionality. This interface will continue to grow and develop over the summer as we move towards the first Census outputs (2nd release in the output prospectus) released by ONS in November this year.

As always, we are keen to hear users’ thoughts, so please do get in touch with the helpdesk if you would like to be involved in testing and help inform the development.