Rezoning Census Data


One of the most powerful tools in SASPAC is the ability to rezone data for new geographical areas. Users can create census statistics for their own non-standard geographies in the form of system files that can then be interrogated using SASPAC.

The SASPAC team have produced a step-by-step note to guide users through the rezoning process. Also included is a zip file containing all the files necessary to undertake the task. This method uses Census Day postcode estimates to allocate output area populations to user-specified geographies.

Download the step by step guide guide

Download the zip file (97Mb)

If you have any queries please contact the helpdesk:

Website update: new FAQ & Video



To help support users we have recently added an FAQs page to our website – if you have any questions you’d like us to answer please send them through the helpdesk.

We’ve also added a number of software videos to support our training materials, which can be found here.

We will be updating these resources regularly and will notify you as and when new content goes live.

Website Update


The Training section of the SASPAC website has been updated and is the place to go for the latest training materials, information on course booking and Helpdesk contact details.

The SASPAC Training Manual has also been revised to include information on the 2011 Census and can be accessed via the Downloads page of the website.

The manual includes an introduction to the census dataset and an explanation of census geographies as well as modules to guide the user through various SASPAC features. It is a useful resource for both newcomers to the census and, as a reference tool, to more experienced users.

The Support pages of the website now have a new Resources section where the SASPAC team will upload videos, presentations and all manner of useful and interesting material. Click on the image to watch a short video introduction to the Census and SASPAC.


link to video

Scottish Census Outputs update (April 2012)


National Records of Scotland published the first in a series of quarterly progress notes designed to keep users up to date on the statistical outputs from the 2011 Census. Some highlights:

  • baseline table outlines will be published at the end of April together with a note of any significant changes made since they were first published in June 2011
  • first 2011 Census results are planned for late 2012 (delayed from the original July date) – a full output prospectus will be published around the end of May
  • NRS would like to receive users’ comments on a programme of Census analytical work

NRS are keen for interested parties to contact them with any suggestions for future progress report topics.

National Records of Scotland Census update


National Records of Scotland (formerly GROS) made available a 2011 Census progress report at last week’s Census Outputs Working Group meeting (UPDATE 4/4/12: ONS slides (pdf) from this meeting now available). The report covers all areas of the Census work programme and some highlights are:

  • technical and resource challenges in data processing/quality assurance mean the first outputs will not be available until late 2012 (more details are expected in the output prospectus due later in April)
  • work continues on reviewing the 500+ proposed 2011 tables checking for layout consistency and disclosure control issues
  • a prototype online dissemination system has been developed and user testing will begin with Scottish Government statisticians and PAMS committee members later this month – subsequent versions of the system are expected to be made available beyond this group
  • quarterly progress notes will begin to published from April

SASPAC v9.25 now available!


SASPAC v9.25 is now available to users and is the first version of the software to query and interrogate data from a ‘live’ online source. The new Web Service’s Wizard allows users to search, query and download data directly from the Neighbourhood statistics website.

SASPAC Web Services Wizard

SASPAC’s Web Services Wizard

This version is also compatible with Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating  system. To upgrade and find out more about this development visit the Software release page of our website.

ONS Publish 2011 Output Strategy


This document sets out the ONS Strategy for the dissemination of outputs from the 2011 Census. A separate consultation, currently underway, will define the content of the output dissemination systems. The ONS vision is to use the Web as the primary dissemination route:

Users would access the data via an appropriate frontend web interface, which may be the ONS web frontend providing basic data explorer functionality or a more specialist frontend created by external partners such as SASPAC, which provides more advanced functionality for a particular user group”. (para.2, page 7).

SASPAC is already involved in helping ONS develop these systems and are looking forward to helping ONS achieve their key milestones (pages 9 to 11) over the coming year.

SASPAC User Survey Results


The results from the SASPAC User Survey, undertaken in the summer of 2009, have now been published. The survey received a healthy response from 104 different organisations across local and central government, the health sector and academia.

User survey datasets image

Thank you to all those users who completed the survey; your feedback is essential to informing the software’s development and the services we provide following the 2011 Census.