NRS Beyond 2011 Event


NRS are currently consulting on the Beyond 2011 programme and have planned a series of workshops next month to aid 2011 NRStheir research. The workshops will be held in Edinburgh on the 19th and 21st February, with morning and afternoon sessions on both days. To reserve a place simply contact the Beyond2011 team indicating which day and session you wish to attend.

More information regarding the event can be found on the Beyond2011 Events page.

Scottish Census Outputs update


Yesterday the NRS published their updated 2011 Census Output Prospectus (pdf). Some key dates for your diary are:

1) 17 December 2012: First Census population estimates by 5-year age bands and sex for Scotland, total population estimate for each council area.

2) March 2013: Population estimates by five-year age bands and sex for Scotland and each council area. Household estimates for Scotland and each council area.

3) May 2013: Population estimates by single year of age and sex for Scotland and each council area.

4) Summer 2013: Key and Quick statistics tables; Scotland level population estimates by single year of age and sex, Census Profiles; Population and Household estimates by postcode and Geography products.

5) Autumn 2013: Local Characteristics tables.

6) Winter 2013: Detailed Characteristics tables.

(Draft table design are available from here)

It is expected that as Scottish data is made available detailed UK-wide Census statistics will be produced by ONS – timings of these are not currently available.

Scotland’s Census Output prospectus released


National Records for Scotland have released their 2011 Census Output Prospectus and set out a timetable for a phased release beginning with the first outputs in December 2012. The dataset release phases are similar in content to those in England & Wales but will follow six months behind those planned by ONS.

The timetable is:

Release Date Description Geography
First release December 2012 Age and sex, and resident households estimates for Scotland council areas, country
Second release Spring 2013 Key Statistics & Quick Statistics (equivalent to 2001 Key Stats and Univariate stats) country, council areas, postcode sector, OA, remaining geographies (health boards, parish…etc)
Third release Summer 2013 Local Characteristics & Local Themes (equivalent to 2001 Census Area Stats and Theme Tables) country, council areas, postcode sector, OA, remaining geographies (health boards, parish…etc)
Fourth release Autumn 2013 Detailed Characteristics and Themes (equivalent to 2001 Standard Tables and Standard Themes) country, council areas, postcode sector, remaining geographies (health boards, parish…etc)

The details (tables layouts) of the proposed outputs above are subject to disclosure control so my change, but final layouts will be published with each release. A range of statistical products on migration and travel to place of study or work are due to be published after the fourth release in late 2012

The prospectus is an active document and you can register for email notifications of updates by contacting

NRS Beyond 2011 Website


National Records for Scotland have just released a ‘Beyond 2011’ website. In September 2011 the Beyond 2011 project was set up in Scotland to investigate alternative (to the traditional census) methods for delivering population and socio-demographic statistics in Scotland. A similar programme is already underway for England and Wales by the Office for National Statistics and the Registrar General for Northern Ireland will begin their own assessment following the release of the initial 2011 Census results.

NRS will not begin a formal consultation until Spring/Summer 2013 but interested parties can address any queries to:

Scottish Census Outputs update (April 2012)


National Records of Scotland published the first in a series of quarterly progress notes designed to keep users up to date on the statistical outputs from the 2011 Census. Some highlights:

  • baseline table outlines will be published at the end of April together with a note of any significant changes made since they were first published in June 2011
  • first 2011 Census results are planned for late 2012 (delayed from the original July date) – a full output prospectus will be published around the end of May
  • NRS would like to receive users’ comments on a programme of Census analytical work

NRS are keen for interested parties to contact them with any suggestions for future progress report topics.

National Records of Scotland Census update


National Records of Scotland (formerly GROS) made available a 2011 Census progress report at last week’s Census Outputs Working Group meeting (UPDATE 4/4/12: ONS slides (pdf) from this meeting now available). The report covers all areas of the Census work programme and some highlights are:

  • technical and resource challenges in data processing/quality assurance mean the first outputs will not be available until late 2012 (more details are expected in the output prospectus due later in April)
  • work continues on reviewing the 500+ proposed 2011 tables checking for layout consistency and disclosure control issues
  • a prototype online dissemination system has been developed and user testing will begin with Scottish Government statisticians and PAMS committee members later this month – subsequent versions of the system are expected to be made available beyond this group
  • quarterly progress notes will begin to published from April

NRS Census update


Highlights from the NRS (National Records of Scotland) Census update  provided to the Population and Migration Statistics Committee (PAMS) in Scotland are below. One significant announcement from the report was that Scotland do not now expect to release the first Census outputs (age, sex by Local Authorities) until autumn 2012. Originally this data was going to be available in July – as far as we are aware  ONS and NISRA still plan to publish in July.

Other issues where:

– Census Questionnaire processing will be completed by the end of November (2011)

–  downstream processing systems are faces challenges due to loss of key staff and IT issues; these are likely to delay the first Census results to the autumn of 2012

– any revisions to the proposed census tables should be submitted by the end of December

– a prototype dissemination system – successor to SCROL – will be released in early 2012

NRS (formerly GROS) release output running order


The National Records of Scotland (NRS, formerly GROS) have released the proposed (provisional) running order of Scotland’s 2011 Census outputs. To coincide with England, Wales and Northern Ireland, the first outputs (Scotland population estimates by single year age/sex and local authorities by 5 year age groups/sex) will be released in July 2012. NRS are inviting users respond to this document by email before 28 October 2011.

Scottish Census Table Designs


GROS have reported on the recent spring 2011 consultation exercise relating to the planned statistical outputs from the 2011 Census. Alongside the report they have also published a very useful set of pre-defined table outlines (still provisional) which are available  in Excel. GROS are inviting users to comment on these designs, or any other elements of the summary of user responses, by emailing them before 31 August.

2011 Census Dissemination Workshops – May 2011


ONS recently held 2011 Census Dissemination workshops in London and Manchester. The events attracted a mixture of both technical/data specialists and statistical researchers from across different sectors (local authority, central government, academia, health and value added resellers) who are interested in receiving a high volume of the 2011 outputs. In order to deliver these outputs ONS are building an API, planned for public release in early 2012.

To demonstrate the opportunities the API approach presents, SASPAC presented a video of our demonstration application – built on the ONS alpha API – and some suggestions on API content/functionality (above). The ONS slides from the event are available from the Census Web Service WG website as well as details of demonstration applications produced by NOMIS and Manchester University.