Gazetteer Files & Compiler Tool


The ability to aggregate small area data into larger zones is a particularly valuable tool when working with origin-destination datasets.

In order to help users complete rezoning tasks we have created a bank of 63 Gazetteer Files. The files can be used to rezone standard geographies in England & Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland. In addition we have also created an Excel-based tool which allows users to combine these files to create their own UK-wide gazetteer files.

The Gazetteer files, Gaz Compiler Tool and instruction document can be downloaded here:

GAZ Compiler (zip file, 5Mb). (updated Sept 2015)

Information on how to use gazetteer files in SASPAC can be found in Module 4b of the Training Manual.

New 2011 Census Datazones for Scotland now in SASPAC


NRS have recently published the new 2011 Census Data zones and Intermediate zones areas – previously Census data has been published for 2001 DZ/IZ on a best-fit basis. The 2011 lookup tables are available to download from the NRS websiteDownload SASPAC Installer

These zones have been created by aggregating 2011 Census Output Areas (on an exact-fit basis). The SASPAC team have created Key Statistics, Quick Statistics and Local Characteristic datasets for these new zones and the System files are now available for download from our data page or a direct link to the System files is here (743MB .zip).

Data has been generated using SASPAC’s rezoning facility – remember you can create your own custom areas and all the steps are explained in Module 4b. When viewing these new geographies in SASPAC the zones will appear as flat trees (i.e not grouped by LAs), we are currently updating the software to incorporate these hierarchies and a software release will be available shortly.

NRS – release 3D Census tables


NRS have confirmed that on the 15 May 2014 they will be publishing Release 3D Census tables. This contains data on Population and Households, Ethnicity, Identity, Language and Religion and will contain 24 tables, 13 of which are Detailed Characteristic tables and 11 are Local Characteristic tables.

If you would like to see more scheduled release dates and draft table layouts for this release please check here.