England & Wales – 2001

SASPAC System files for the datasets below are available to members via downloads below or from the SASPAC helpdesk directly.

Geography Dataset Download
Unit Postcodes Headcounts (M/F/HHs) contact helpdesk
Postcode (Areas/sectors/districts) KS Postcodes for England & Wales (30MB .zip)
Output Areas – England KS, UV, CS, CT OAs for England (1.5GB .zip)
Output Areas – Wales KS, UV, CS, CT OAs for Wales (98MB .zip)
Wards – England KS, UV, CS, CT, ST, TT, AF Wards for England (544MB .zip)
Wards – Wales KS, UV, CS, CT, ST, TT, AF Wards for Wales (56MB .zip)
Districts/UAs/Counties/Countries – England KS, UV, CS, CT, ST, TT, AF Districts/UAs/Counties/Countries for England (58MB .zip)
UAs/Country – Wales KS, UV, CS, CT, ST, TT, AF UAs/Country for Wales (4MB .zip)
Parish Areas KS Parish Areas for England & Wales (39MB .zip)
Super Output Areas (Lower and Middle) KS, UV, CS, CT SOAs for England & Wales (483MB .zip)
Settlements KS Settlements for England & Wales (4MB .zip)
Health Areas (PCTs/SHAs/LHBs) KS, UV, CS, CT Health Areas for England & Wales (49MB .zip)
Urban Areas KS, UV, CS, CT Urban Areas for England & Wales (55MB .zip)
Parliamentary Constituencies (2001) KS, UV, CS, CT Parliamentary constituencies for England & Wales (16MB .zip)
National Parks (2001) KS, ST National Parks for England & Wales (0.5MB .zip)

Other Datasets:

Geography Dataset Download
Various Commissioned Tables contact helpdesk
Output Areas/wards/UAs Origin/Destination (SWS/SMS) Special Workplace Statistics (SWS) (240MB .zip)

Special Migration Statistics (SMS) (107 MB .zip)

UK National to UAs 2001 to 2007 Mid-Year Pop Estimates National to UAs for UK (2MB .zip)
2004 Wards KS, UV, CS, CT 2004 Wards for England & Wales (8MB .zip)
2005 Wards KS, UV, CS, CT 2005 Wards for England & Wales (8MB .zip)
LSOAs (England) 2007 IMD LSOAs for England (2MB .zip)
LSOAs (Wales) 2008 IMD LSOAs for Wales (1MB .zip)
2009 Unitary Authorities KS, UV, CS, CT, ST, TT, AF UAs for England (54MB .zip)
Output Area Classification 2001 Output Area Classification available here

(Key: KS: Key Statistics, UV: Univariate Statistics, CS: Census Area Statistics, CT: Census Area Theme Statistics, ST: Standard  Tables, TT: Standard Theme Tables, AF: Armed Forces Tables, SMS: Special Workplace Statistics, SWS: Special Migration Statistics, TVS: Travel to work or study Statistics).

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