Public Flow data

The 2011 Census Flow data Public tables can be downloaded below. SASPAC v9.93 (or later) will be required to access these tables and can be download from our Software page.

Census Flow tables:

Dataset Table Number Download (.SYS)
Special Workplace Statistics (SWS) WU01/02/03EW and WU01/02/03UK Merged LA (66.MB zip)
Special Migration Statistics (SMS) MF02UK, MM01UKc and MM01UKci Merged LA (3.MB zip)
Second Residence Statistics (SRS) RF02EWA, RF03EW, RF04EWA, RF05EW, RU02EWA and RU03EWA Merged LAs (5.MB zip)
Special Student Statistics (SSS) SM01UK Merged LAs (1.MB zip)
SWS/SMS/SRS/SSS All Public tables (as one file) All geographies (73.MB zip)

More details on how to access the other datasets visit our Flow data page.


2 Responses to Public Flow data

  1. Fen Jones says:

    Just a quick note the second resident and special student download files have been transposed agaisnt the wrong dataset names. hope this helps

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