2011 Census data

National Records of Scotland (NRS) are releasing 2011 Census data in a series of phases that began in September 2013, an overview of the planned releases can be found on the NRS website. As tables are published, the SASPAC team will process, quality assure and then release these via this page for users to download (below). A list of all the tables and geography currently available can be found here (.xls). To support access to new tables a software update my be required – the latest version can be downloaded via our software page along with update instructions.

Release 2A, B & C The second phase of data release started on 26/9/13 with Release 2A, then 14/11/13 saw Release 2B and finally Release 2C on 18/12/13 which completed the publication of 34 Key Statistics and 62 Quick Statistics tables for all 16 Scottish Census hierarchies.

Release 3 The third release phase includes the cross tabulations: the Detailed and Local Characteristic tables and runs from February to Mar’15.

Details of re-releases and updated datasets can be viewed in our data corrections log (.xls) – last updated 17/02/16.

Geography Census
ALL1 2011 Census Geographies in Scotland Key Statistics (KS),Quick Statistics (QS),Detailed Characteristics (DC),Local Characteristics (LC) All Geographies in Scotland (All the files below as a single download 865 MB.zip) 17/02/16 NEW
Council Areas KS, QS, DC, LC Council Areas (3.5 MB.zip) 17/02/16 NEW
Health Boards KS, QS, DC, LC Health Boards (1.5 MB.zip) 17/02/16 NEW
Intermediatezones and Datazones KS, QS, LC 2001 & 2011 Intermediate and Datazone (235 MB.zip) 17/02/16 NEW
Multi-Member Wards KS, QS, DC, LC Multi-Member Wards (24 MB.zip) 17/02/16 NEW
Postcode Sectors (LC) KS, QS, LC LC Postcode Sectors (18 MB.zip) 17/02/16 NEW
Postcode Sectors (DC) KS, QS, DC DC Postcode Sectors (33 MB.zip) 17/02/16 NEW
Output Areas KS, QS, LC Output Areas (330 MB.zip) 17/02/16 NEW

1 All 2011 Census Geographies currently available include:

  • Scotland totals;
  • Health Boards;
  • Council Areas;
  • Intermediate zones and Data zones (for 2001 & 2011 zones);
  • Postcode Sectors (Local & Detailed Characteristic);
  • Multi-Member Wards;
  • Output Areas

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