England & Wales – 1981

SASPAC System files of the datasets below are available to members of users from the SASPAC helpdesk.

Geography Dataset Download
Enumeration Districts Small Area Statistics (SAS) EDs for England and Wales (264MB.zip)
Wards Small Area Statistics (SAS) Wards for England and Wales (40MB.zip)
Districts Small Area Statistics (SAS) Districts for England and Wales (3MB.zip)
Counties Small Area Statistics (SAS) Counties for England and Wales (0.5MB.zip)
Regions (England only) Small Area Statistics (SAS) Regions for England (0.1MB.zip)
England Small Area Statistics (SAS) England (0.01MB.zip)
Wales Small Area Statistics (SAS) N/A

The Small Area Statistics (SAS) are a standard set of statistical cross-tabulations produced from the 1981 Census. There are 42 tables for areas in England, Wales and Scotland and 6 tables that cover England and Wales only.

Other datasets:
Special Workplace Statistics (Set A and B)* wards/districts

*Set A contains statistics enumerated on a resident population basis whilst Set B uses a workplace population basis.


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