Scotland – 1991

SASPAC System files of the datasets below are available to members of users from the SASPAC helpdesk.

Geography: Datasets available:
Output Areas Small Area Statistics (SAS)
Post code Sectors Local Base Statistics (LBS), Small Area Statistics (SAS)
Local Authorities Local Base Statistics (LBS), Small Area Statistics (SAS)
Regions Local Base Statistics (LBS), Small Area Statistics (SAS)
Scotland Local Base Statistics (LBS

The 1991 LBS (Local Base Statistics) consist of some 20,000 counts arranged as 99 tables for areas in Scotland and represents the largest dataset available from the 1991 Census. Data is available for postcode sectors and larger geographies. The 1991 SAS (Small Area Statistics) consist of some 9,000 counts arranged as 86 tables for areas in Scotland. The SAS dataset is available for Output Areas (OA) in Scotland. It is also available for any higher areas such as wards, local authorities etc. The information contained within the SAS Tables is a sub-set of that contained within the LBS.


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