2011 Census Religion Error

On 26 February 2015, ONS announced that an error had been discovered in the processing of counts of religion for three London boroughs: Camden, Islington and Tower Hamlets. ‘Religion not stated’ had been overestimated by 61,500 persons across the three boroughs, with all other categories underestimated by same number.

ONS have said that they will NOT publish corrected tables and have instead advised users to correct the data by applying correction factors. Hence the Greater London Authority has undertaken to produce corrected estimates for the Detailed Characteristics tables affected by the error.

These estimates are available as SASPAC system files.

Geography Census Datasets Download (.sys) Updated
National to District DCs 2011 DCs – National to district – England
(58MB .zip)
MSOAs DCs MSOAs in England
(470MB .zip)
Wards DCs Merged wards in England
All (the above) DCs National to merged wards (all geog)
(957MB .zip)

A PDF explaining the error and how the figures have been recalculated is available here.

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