SASPAC and the 2011 Census:

The current version of SASPAC is v9.93 (updated in March 2016). Users will need to download a small update to upgrade from v9.80 to v9.93. Instructions on how to update to the latest version can be found in the following release note (.pdf).

Release timeline:

  • March 2016 – v9.93 update (latest 2011 Origin Destination tables added)
  • February 2013 – v9.80 (download the installation installation package (
  • December 2012 – v9.75 (access to 2011 Census KS/QS tables for local authorities)
  • Feb 2012 – v9.50 (NeSS Web Services Wizard)
  • June 2011 – v9.30 (GSS zone code update)
  • July 2010 – v9.25 (test version containing NeSS Data Exchange integration and Windows 7 update)
  • December 2009 – v9.07 (1971 Census data integration)
  • June 2009 – v9.06 (Mid-Year Population Estimates integration)
  • 29 January 2009 – v9.05 (Index of Multiple Deprivation integration)
  • October 2008 – v9.00 (incorporated the InstantAtlas for SASPAC application)

ORDERING – free trial! To order a copy of the software please contact the helpdesk. A free trial version of the software is also available on request. Future development The development of the software is overseen by the SASPAC Advisory Panel.

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