SASPAC 2011 Census Development

The SASPAC team are currently preparing the software to provide access to the 2011 Census datasets. These are expected to begin to be published by the Census Offices in Autumn 2012 and will continue throughout 2013/14 (the prospectus is expected in March 2012). This data release provides us with an opportunity to significantly redevelop the application to not only provide access to the latest Census data but also prepare the software to access to non-Census statistics in the future. Since the publication of 2001 Census data, there has been significant advances in the online data delivery systems, SASPAC will be taking advantage of these developments to deliver a new 2011 Census application.

Key features of SASPAC 2011 will be:
– a brand new, refreshed and intuitive user interface

– replication and improvement on SASPAC’s advanced data browsing/searching tools

– new underlying code base

– access to all 2011 datasets

– more and improved data output formats (with enhanced metadata)

– SASPAC and Census training services

A new 2011 Proof of Concept development is already underway and we expect to be able to share this with users in spring 2012. Following this, a programme of incremental development over the summer, autumn and beyond will build a full application that replicates, improves and builds-on the tools/ functionality users are familiar with in the current application.

Development Gallery:
To allow users to monitor and see previews of the software as it progresses the gallery below will be updated regularly with screen shots and samples of the development (click the images below to view in full screen):

If you would like to help test our 2011 Census prototype or share your development thoughts with us please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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