SASPAC v9.50

v9.50 incorporated a number of features/updates:

  • new Web Services Wizard application (provides ‘live’ access to query and retrieve data from ONS’ Neighbourhood Statistics website using the latest web technologies. See User Guidance Note GE-04 for more details).
  • Windows 7 compatibility
  • integration of new GSS Coding and Naming conventions (previously released in v9.30 update)
  • incorporates interim updates previously released that provided access to the Index of Multiple Deprivation, Mid-year Population Estimates and 1971 Census datasets (v9.05, v9.06 and v9.07)

The Web Services Wizard (WSW) is a ‘proof of concept’ development and is the first time SASPAC has provided users with the ability to query and retrieve data directly through an online service. The data source in this case is the Neighbourhood Statistics Data Exchange service published by the ONS. This wizard utilises the same technologies the Census Offices will be using to publish the 2011 Census results and SASPAC are currently building on this work to deliver a new 2011 Census application to our users.

Features of the Web Services Wizard:

  • browse and retrieve indicators from over 300 datasets;
  • select and output datasets for multiple years;
  • browse and select geographical areas from multiple hierarchies;
  • save and retrieve large geographical area selections;
  • download and view data values with descriptive metadata in MS Excel; and,
  • build SASPAC system files from NeSS data for access and utilising like any other dataset within the SASPAC application.

Screen shots of the Web Services Wizard (select to enlarge):

WSW screen shot

Get Data Tab: browse and select datasets of interest

WSW screen shot

Get Geography Tab: browse, search, save and retrieve geographical zones

WSW screen shot

Get Data Tab: Choose the formats you wish to download the data

WSW screen shot

View Data Tab: View data requested in Excel/XML or create a System file.

In preparation for the release of 2011 Census outputs the SASPAC team are undertaking a period of development to build a new user interface and data management system. We are keen to hear users’ comments/feedback as the development progresses and would encourage users to get in touch and register their interest.

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