1991 Census

The 1991 Census was undertaken on the night of Sunday 21 April 1991. The Census was carried out by the Office of Population Censuses and Surveys (OPCS) in England & Wales, the General Register Office for Scotland (GROS) and the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency for Northern Ireland.

The Census questionnaires and table layouts can be downloaded as PDF files below.

Census Questionnaires:

1991 Census Communal Establishment questionnaire – England (PDF)

1991 Census Household questionnaire – England (PDF)

1991 Census Individual questionnaire – England (PDF)

1991 Census Household questionnaire – Scotland (PDF)

1991 Census Individual questionnaire – Wales (PDF)

1991 Census Household questionnaire – Wales (PDF)


Definitions & Metadata (PDFs):

Census Definitions and Concepts (PDF)

Census Table Layouts:

There are two predefined sets of cross-tabulations produced from the 1991 Census: Small Area Statistics (SAS) and Local Base Statistics (LBS). There are 86 tables in the SAS dataset and 99 in the LBS. The SAS and LBS tables are similar in structure but SAS are available for the smallest geographical level from the Census (Enumeration District), whereas the LBS are only available ward geographies and above.

Small Area Statistics Census table layouts SAS (PDF)

Local Base Statistics Census table layouts LBS (PDF)

In addition to the standard SAS/LBS tables in 1991 Special Workplace Statistics (SWS) were also produced for resident (SWSA) and workplace (SWSB) populations as well as flows between an individuals origin (residence) and their destination (workplace) (SWSC). These are available for ward/district geographies.

Special Workplace Statistics (Residents) Census table layouts SWS (A) (PDF)

Special Workplace Statistics (Workplace) Census table layouts SWS (B) (PDF)

Special Workplace Statistics (Resident to workplace movements) Census table layouts SWS (C) (PDF)

SASPAC System files of the 1991 Census data are available from the SASPAC helpdesk.

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